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American tooth whitening

Do you hesitate to smile because you are embarrassed that your enamel is not white? Do you feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a crowd? Over the years, smoking or certain ingredients can damage your enamel and make it look more yellow than usual...

American teeth whitening is the solution!

This approach includes laser treatment to remove stains on the enamel, an unsightly result that can be improved in an institute in the same way as dental bleaching.

American enamel whitening is one of the big stars on social media when it comes to beauty. This approach is very famous in the world, especially in the United States where the smile is a very important factor. It is possible to gain up to four shades in the first session.

Caution: Tooth whitening is not recommended for people with cavities, hypersensitive enamel (especially to cold), broken enamel and pregnant people.

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