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Photoacoustic tattoo removal

The pulsed light, by photoacoustic effect, will break down the ink molecules which will be naturally eliminated by the body through the lymphatic network. 

Several sessions are necessary, each of which should be spaced at least 6 weeks apart on the same area (to avoid discolouration of the skin). It all depends on the size of the tattoo, the quality of the pigments used and the number of colours in the pigment. 

The number of sessions to be performed remains random, depending on the previous pigmentation and your skin type. This method of tattoo removal is the fastest on the market today. It allows the removal of brown, grey, green, orange, black and red colours but will not have any effect on beige, white and some pink pigments. In these cases a preliminary test is possible. 

Finally, this method avoids hair loss, scars and burns. The result is visible in one to three sessions, except in cases of extreme depth, where the result is visible in three to five sessions.

Tattoo removal is contraindicated in the following cases: presence of lesions on the areas to be treated, high phototypes (5 and 6), history of keloids (scarring problems) or fibroblastic tumours, pregnancy, breastfeeding and certain drug treatments.

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