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CalouVisited in april
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Anne Claire is very professional. I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done, the result was superb and natural, corresponding to my request. Anne Claire is very attentive to our expectations. I strongly recommend her.
Maëva GélébartVisited in february
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What strikes you first is Anne-Claire's competence (advanced training...) and her great sense of aesthetics. Then the session starts, we feel a lot of precision... all in softness. Once the make-up is finished, the result is superb and conforms to my expectations. I am so delighted that I have made an appointment in 3 weeks for the mouth...mask required! This very pleasant place could well become "my little institute"! Translated with (free version)
Chrystele GuinelVisited in august
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I did lip pigmentation and eye liner. I would recommend her with my eyes closed. Anne Claire is very very professional, very gentle, smiling. She is perfect. I will go back.
Jessica BlanchardVisited in march
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A big thank you to Anne Claire! I came once for my eyebrows, I came again for the eyeliner and the lower lash line. It's always a real moment of pleasure and fun!!! 😉😊 Anne Claire is a very professional and friendly person!!! I highly recommend her !
Krol GillesVisited in february
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I hesitated for a long time before getting new eyebrows...Fear of not recognizing my face anymore, fear that it would be too thick, too masculine...In short...I took the plunge because of the excellent work Anne Claire did when I came to have my lashes curled... And I am not disappointed. It's natural, feminine and it really brightens the face! I'm so glad I did! Honestly if you're tempted by it go for it with your eyes closed 😉 Thanks again Anne Claire🥰 Translated with (free version)
Noémie CercierVisited in october
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Punctual, professional and attentive, I have been coming to Anne Claire since the beginning in the field of eyebrow pigmentation and I am never disappointed, they are very well done, I have only entrusted her with my powdered eyebrow touch-ups for several years in total confidence.
Marie DenigotVisited in february
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Appointment with Anne-claire for a pigmentation of the eyebrows and lips, I am delighted with the result! I don't need to put make-up on in the morning anymore, it's great. The welcome was fun and the institute impeccable, Anne-claire made me feel confident and I had a great time in her institute.
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